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BanglaBoy96's News

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - May 16th, 2011

Well 1st of all, I'm NOT Dying now, I was just bored and wanted to make this list...
(Well, I think I'm not dying)

1: Receive my 1st cheque off Newgrounds ($30/50)

2: Let my Cat to live till 20 and my Dog too ;) (Cat=11) (Dog=5)

3: Do a fart that will knock someone out (Still waiting)

4: Goto a Newgrounds Meetup (Come to Ireland again! I missed it)

5: Run naked in my local St.Patricks day parade and get arrested (Work in Progress)

6: Get married ;)

7: Get a good Job

8: Become a proffesional Voice Actor (PLLZZZZ)

9: Have 4 children (2 guys 2 girls)

10: Drink a Skittle Milkshake (Just gotta get my hands on a packet and EU5)

11: Own a sword (When I get a job and enough money)

12: Learn how to use it and become a master in arts (that'd be SO COOL :3)

13: Say "fuck you baldy" to my New Principal Mr.Sexton (Nicknamed by students "Mr.Sex")

14: Survive unhurt by falling off a wall (stupid eh?)

15: Have an evil enemy (One who I actually know IRL, And is worth a beating)

16: Use my sword to slay MILLIONS OF KNACKERS (Ohhh... BABY!)

17: Die a hero ;)

18: Win the title of "The world's hottest man" (That'll be too easy)

19: Reach to my 100th Birthday


Posted by BanglaBoy96 - May 11th, 2011

4 days without internet cos I was traveling! :P

:) I'll try to get on as much as possible XP

I won't be AS active as I was!

Btw, I'm melting! it's so hot and the rain (when it rains) is soooo heavy!

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - May 6th, 2011

Anybody else agree this shall be sexy?

It'll be a TINY File size :3 due to Externally importing sounds to the SWF.

(Art by Acid-Paradox+ CaOmDaYn)


Underrated Audio Collab

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - April 28th, 2011

I thought I'd make this Newspost for abit of fun and to show what I've done on NG in almost 2 years.

Medal Points: 11,005
Number of Collabs: 54
Number of Solos: 36
Number of Flashes: 90
Collabs organised: 2
Number of Art Uploads: 14
Current Level: 17
Current Rank: Police Lieutenant
Current Rank Number: 3,070
Number of Blams: 52
Number of Saves: 1817
Combined Saves and Blams: 1869
Current Whistle: Normal
Number of Experience Points: 3160
Current Experience Rank: 9721
Current Voting Power: 5.93+ Protection of 14% = 6.76
Number of BBS Posts: 718
Current Average BBS Posts Per Day : 1.05
Number of Flash Reviews: 221
Number of Audio Reviews: 10
Users who added me to their Favs: 46
Number of Trophies: 1 (Daily 4th Place)
Revenue off Newgrounds: $30
Block List: 1
Favorite Flashes: 53
Favorite Games: 43
Favorite Art: 40
Favorite Flash Authors: 23
Favorite Audio: 30
Favorite Audio Authors: 6
Favorite Artists: 6
Auras 2009-2011: Neutral-Light-Evil-Dark-Light-Dark
Average PMs Daily: 5
Newsposts (Excluding this one): 55
Least Popular Newspost: 0 comments, Entry Number 2
Most Popular Newspost: 27 comments, Entry Number 43

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - April 21st, 2011

Well! It's almost finished, I hope I'll have it by Easter!

XD click the link below for a demo of it, (No Gameover yet and it's buggy)

Hope you enjoy (Please leave critism I don't mind)

:L Just don't leave immature comments like "You suck! goto hell"

I really couldn't give a shit what you think if you can't even leave me a proper insult.

UPDATE Here's the link I promised you

UPDATE: It was meant to be out on Easter but the piece of shit known as "Macromedia Flash 8 prof" was acting like a douche!

Now i've reduced it from 30MB to 8.89MB, pray to god it won't go over 15MB

WELL THIS SUCKS back over 25mb, Looks like I'll have to draw instead of images or just make a part 1 and 2

Button Game Bronze Edition Update

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - April 17th, 2011

I've made $13+ and still counting in less than a week on Newgrounds ;D

Bout time >:)


Posted by BanglaBoy96 - April 13th, 2011

Thought it was a time for a new Newspost.

How are you Newgrounds?

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - March 20th, 2011

I've got sooo! many projects on my hands right now bout 100!

1: Smiley Collab- Credits design-FINISHED

2: 1 Minute Collab- Animation- FINISHED

3: Underrated Audio collab! (when I get the code I'll be flying)

4: 2ND Depression (1/4 character stories complete) 23% of the game

5: Button Game Bronze Edition (BG10) Need to make

6: Button Game Tales 2 (for August)

7: Voice Acting for Fortunacus- FINISHED

8: Mouse Maze: No Mouse? 3- FINISHED

9: Pixel Game with Chdonga- waiting for art.

:L I'll be dead by August!

Project overload

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - March 15th, 2011

A member Clock CREW!

My clock name is "LegoClock"

:D kick ass eh?

I'm now...

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - March 2nd, 2011

Well! I'm a lazy little shit! I started this project back in Earlier November in 2010!
And well! I haven't done much on it! I better get down to business and Get this Finished QUICK!

Here's some Links based on The series

1: 2nd Depression (Intro)

2: 1st Depression

3: Rebirth (2nd Depression) demo

2nd Depression Update