2014 Submissions

The Holy Bictionary Rev. The Holy Bictionary Rev. Rated Stars 1st the was the Bible, now there is a New Book in it's place Gadgets - Other Jump N Run: A.P.A Jump N Run: A.P.A Rated Stars A game about jumping and running through shit! Platformer - Hop and Bop My Favorite reviews (BB) My Favorite reviews (BB) Rated Stars Watch and Laugh at the stupidity of your fellow reviewers! Gadgets - Other BG Bronze Edition II BG Bronze Edition II Rated Stars The ultimate death match has begun, will you survive? Adventure - Point 'n Click hurry up bob2 hurry up bob2 Rated Stars the sequel of popular game Hurry up bob is arrive!!! Platformer - Hop and Bop 40 Optical Illusions 2 40 Optical Illusions 2 Rated Stars 40 optical illusions to completely fuck you outta your head Gadgets - Other Myth Runner Myth Runner Rated Stars the game made for gamejam 5 competition Platformer - Hop and Bop Smiley Shooter (SAZA) Smiley Shooter (SAZA) Rated Stars Play as the Evil robot SAZA and stop all Ha-piness Skill - Avoid Barca Vs Bieber Barca Vs Bieber Rated Stars This game describe how Barca teach Bieber how to play football!!! Action - Other Underrated Audio Collab Underrated Audio Collab Rated Stars Underrated Audio by "Underrated" artists Gadgets - Musical BG Bronze Edition I BG Bronze Edition I Rated Stars The beginning, of the end! Adventure - Point 'n Click Bieber Metamorph Bieber Metamorph Rated Stars Do you know that the fact Bieber is actually 51 years old man? Action - Other April Fools Bb96 April Fools Bb96 Rated Stars The 10th official Button Game! Wipe out all of Saza's past Minions and even fight HIM! Adventure - Point 'n Click Food Roll Food Roll Rated Stars Watch a couple of fruit+veg dance it out to some of the Music Industries biggest (s)hits Freedom Of Tacos 2! Freedom Of Tacos 2! Rated Stars A sequel to an EPIC game between tacos and man! Action - Other Rebirth Music Board Rebirth Music Board Rated Stars Listen to some SICK tunes from the Music of "2nd Deppression" Gadgets - Musical The Underrated Art Collab The Underrated Art Collab Rated Stars Underrated Art made by Underrated Newgrounds Members Puzzles - Other Button Game 9 Button Game 9 Rated Stars We all know Sidious and Saza are the cause of this, but whos in the shadows... Adventure - Point 'n Click Happy BDay Sharnia Happy BDay Sharnia Rated Stars A flash for A friend Adventure - Other Button Game 9 Demo Button Game 9 Demo Rated Stars Button GAME 9 IS HERE! (Well the demo is anyway) Skill - Other
The Medal Game The Medal Game Rated Stars Click random Crap and Earn yourself some Medals Skill - Collect Button Game X-MAS Button Game X-MAS Rated Stars Ho-Ho-BO! It's about time he got his Revenge! Adventure - Point 'n Click Button Game Halloween Button Game Halloween Rated Stars Boo-ton Game Halloween special is finally Here! Puzzles - Other Button Game 8 (Madness) Button Game 8 (Madness) Rated Stars Saza's back for Revenge Puzzles - Quiz Button Game 8 Demo V3 Button Game 8 Demo V3 Rated Stars The Last Demo For BG8 Enjoy it while you can! Puzzles - Other The Bictionary The Bictionary Rated Stars 300 words that begin with B Spam Button Game: Tales Button Game: Tales Rated Stars It's here! The game that took 6 Months to make, BUTTON GAME TALES!! Shooter - First Person Create a Plop 2 Create a Plop 2 Rated Stars Create another Plop Gadgets - Dress Up Pickilow's Revenge Pickilow's Revenge Rated Stars Pickilow's back from the grave for REVENGE Shooter - Multidirectional Flowerman (Old) Flowerman (Old) Rated Stars Flowerman was Mutated by Cannibas Adventure - Point 'n Click Button Game Jukebox Button Game Jukebox Rated Stars Listen to your Favourite Tracks from the Button Games Rhythm Plaque Puncher Plaque Puncher Rated Stars Mikeys9607 Memo-ree Stick is Trying to Double cross Banglaboy96! Skill - Avoid DS Defenders DS Defenders Rated Stars DS must Destroy sebass Shooter - Multidirectional Bush Vs. Binladen Bush Vs. Binladen Rated Stars George Bush must Stop Binladen Platformer - Hop and Bop Presidents VS Communists Presidents VS Communists Rated Stars Save America from the Evil Forces of Stalin Skill - Collect Create a Plop! Create a Plop! Rated Stars Design your own Plop! Gadgets - Dress Up Khaki Cacti Khaki Cacti Rated Stars You have to find the Gem of Tsuisw! Shooter - Fixed My Point Proven My Point Proven Rated Stars This is what you Call a rip-off Puzzles - Quiz First Deppression First Deppression Rated Stars Pickilow Goes to Church, It's nothing that he Thought it would be! Shooter - First Person Button Game Classics Button Game Classics Rated Stars Button Game returns again! Puzzles - Other Button Game Seasons Button Game Seasons Rated Stars The best button game yet! It is, SEASONS!! Action - Other Button Game 5 Button Game 5 Rated Stars After your LONG ASS wait! She's finally here! Action - Other