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NG BBS Awards? I am not impressed, then again they left it in the wrong hands.
Let's start off with the audio.
Audio: It gets annoying as hell to keep on listening and really distracts me when I'm reading the badly laid out award. Not only was the track unoriginal and bland as, it didn't really go well with the flash at all.
I know there is a mute button but it wasn't exactly "fun" to read when there was nothing.

Award winners Comments: Seeing how you were biased with alot of the paragraphs you wrote for the award winners it didn't look exactly proffesional seeing how were simply insulting the likes of GiantDouche and Mikeys9607 which showed you didn't even have the cop on to do this properly.
Layout: I guess the layout was only alright but the buttons were ugly even though they were ripped from the BBS design itself so I dunno how you guys managed to do that really.
Other issues... Seeing how you always try to suck up to TomFulp and other popular artists or members of the staff to make yourself seem big is kinda sad, I say we leave the BBS awards to the user Kevin who can actually do a half decent job at it. 2ndly getting a BBS Troll and Bronie known for causing hassle and trouble to help you out wasn't exactly smooth.
If I must say "Jedi-Master" who counted the results is the only one deserving credit for this mess. Like I said earlier Kevin should handle this again.

Manly-Chicken responds:

I didn't insult GiantDouche I really find him funny. I DID insult Mikey because he's a dick.

(Consult review below)

Do you really have to be that harsh?

I'm sure Kevin will do it next time, but the only reason you reviewed this is because Milkey won drama queen, and you are one of his "artist" (which again, I am using lightly) friends who votes him up, and you vote him up, etc.

ALSO: I did stuff slightly different, yes, because I made it in about 12 hrs.

I used the style guide like Kevin, I used the same music as Kevin (but I upped the audio quality) so, I pretty much tried to stay close to Kevin's flash, but it's ok if you didn't like it.


Controls don't work, no back button the the instructions, terrible gameplay.
Buggy as hell. No sound or music to make it any what interesting and not even a gameplay value. I honestly can say it's crap

As usual...

As usual it was absolutely great to voice act for another one of your projects, It really was. For anyone who is wondering yes, I made the sound effects too. e.g Snake, Mummy and Bob's screams.

Art-- Great style of art, really! Olanov you're quite the artist! I think it's a much improved version of the 1st one.

Programming-- What can I say? you're amazing, No glitches found whatsoever even when I tested the Beta and the controls aren't annoying at all and are easier to use.

Addictive-- Yes, I found it really fun to play, even if I did test it several times before it's release. Just hopping and bopping on those platformers as fast as I could to kill those aliens,Mummies,Snakes etc.
To extend the replay value of this game you should try adding some medals, Everyone likes to be rewarded for what they have done right?

Storyline-- It was pretty cool but seeing how the story pretty much has NO end was abit annoying, Like whatever happened to Bob? did he escape and find treasure? or did he seem to perish in the Acid in the Aztec Pyramid?
All in all! great game!

Voice Acting-- I know I may have been the voice actor but what's the harm is self praise right? I have to say it went really well with the game and I enjoyed every last bit of it really! I know I made all the comical voices.screams etc. but I did laugh at hearing them put into a game.
5/5+ Faved
Definately the most fun I ever had making a project

Cool as

Ok, The name needs some explaining for me, "SplashArt 1.0.1" what are the numbers for may I ask? versions or something?

REVIEW BELOW: He has got a point but still the effort and coding into this isn't an easy thing so it's a cool yet pointless idea.

COLOURS/COLORS: Very basic colours and no color mixer to create new ones? That was abit of a downfall

BACKGROUND: I liked the idea of the background color change, it was neat as it saved me alot of time even though I simply drew random crap all over the screen.

BRUSH SIZE: It was fairly annoying the way you couldn't see the actual brush size unless you drew on the screen which was once again something that could have been easily added

PRINT: Not really a point of one seeing how you couldn't really draw anything worth printing off in the 1st place, I admire the addition though

THINGS TO ADD: If you make a mistake just add an undo and redo button, or ctrl+z feature
Add more colors or at least a color mixer
Make the brush size visible before you draw on the stage
Make a help button just to give brief descriptions on how to run the flash.
Very good over all

LightFlexProductions responds:

Thanks for the advice man. And the name is because of versions it has that 1.0.1. And thanlks for pointing out the errors. I will probably make a second version.


I had great fun once again working with and voice acting :LL!
I Have to say the art is amazing the the programming is once again top standards, I love how the music fits with the game and how the medals make it more enjoyable along with Highscore board.
I can't wait for more projects we do together



Great Idea, I would have liked this more if it was a small bit longer oh well.

I have some ideas if you want to make a sequel.

Difficulty mode! That would have been great! Easy, Medium, Hard.

Browse some real reviews which are so retarded (like the one below) and screenshot it in. Great game, Nice one on the award

Hacsev responds:

Thanks for the review! I appreciate the idea, but for the next one I'm going to make the reviews appear randomly.

Great Game

1st things 1st, I always I had great fun making this with you, and now to review the game itself...

1stly, The Graphics were well smoothened and the animation worked very well with the game, There was no trouble at all with the graphics so great work to our Artist Olanov.

2ndly the Programming and Story, The story was pretty funny and original not to mention the "voices" that I did went with it well (sorry bout the self praise)

The programming was top notch as for a glitch? It's probably a browser problem because I found none and I tested the game several times before it's release.

All in All, great game, I just can't get over the fact we missed out on that award by 0.0012 :(


Great 1st game, I see great potential in your work, Ignore the others, they think any Quiz Game is a ripoff of "The Impossible Quiz"

I saw no such thing, Lives? NONE, Cheesy jokes, NONE, and this game had me thinking, unlike the IQ.

Great work! :) 10/10, much better than my 1st flash

Nice graphics

Well, I'll start off with the good things of this game.
The graphics looked well and the programming was pretty good.

Now here's the bad side, Unoriginal concept and no goal, the Hit Detection of the Buttons in the Menu was terrible It took me a minute just to be able to click the button, Make a bigger hit detection or if you don't know how simply draw a rectangular button.

Advice: Add a story, Voices (hire me) and a goal, If you want, I could add medals for it! :)



I enjoyed it because I'm pretty good at these games,
I got a score of 688 which I thought was alright! :)

The Image quality was terrible and the Pigeon sounds were umm... annoying, Perhaps use a different animal and draw a background or smoothen it to make it look much nicer

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