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You sir! are the God of Nostalgia!


The train effect in the background gave a sense of the journey up ahead and the music was exactly how I pictured it to be if the game was remade on a newer console etc.
I downloaded the track too and put it onto my media Player :) Love the work :D

Realmguys responds:

Wow thank you very much. Glad you liked it. :)

One of my favorite boss themes

Amazing! I absolutely love this boss theme, one of the best! really! amazing.

FF1: Had an ambush feel to it, either fight or die
FF2: Always reminds me of the Emperor himself :p
FF3: (My favorite) I just think it's well composed and reminds me of Enchinda? one of the last bosses
FF4: Well this tune is amazing (I have it on my phone :LL) I
FF5: Majorly underrated I agree, due to it's difficulty, I have to say though ExDeath wouldn't be a favorite villian for me at all
FF6: Woah! I love the like electric guitar shredding sounds off this track, probably one of my favorite games
FF7: Love the start of this than it gradually gets worse :/
FF8: Not a fan of any soundtracks in this game
FF9: Love that track (always reminds me of Kuja :P)
FF10: Not a major fan of the audio in that game either, however "Otherworld" is epic as!
FF11: Awakening is the best track there
FF12: Boss theme, eh! Esper boss theme... W.O.W
FF13: I guess it's alright but not the best audio either
FF14: Yet to hear/play

Great piece

I love the Lord of the Rings feel to it, It's a great piece. I always under estimated the audio portal but with tracks like these I have been proven wrong WRONG WRONG!
Excellent. If I have enough MB Space this is definately going in my next project

Great remix of one of the Greatest Boss themes

Pretty sweet I must say, I need to use that in the project I am making, I just have to,
The chords were perfect, the guitar was epic the beat and tempo was great too.
Great piece of audio
Faved :)

Great remake

I love the choir fainted in the background with the same kinda genre and scary vibes like in the original and the DS/PSP version.
I hate when people kill the song by making it all techno or dubstep it really wrecks the magical feel of the song. (when it's classical)
Great piece added to my faves and added you as a fave author

Great Impression!

Man! that was great! thumbs up for the impression
Nice stuff

Great piece

This is what I'm talking about! Final Fantasy VII Wasn't really much of a Fantasy is is a sore thumb of the series. The original track of this was really eh. It had an epic start but got all techno shit on it. This track... this really has a Final Fantasy feel to it.
Great piece I'll make sure to add to my favorite


Always has been a great theme and there isn't alot of those in FF7 bar a few of course. You topped the original. Much better. Epic!


got to love how faggots are 0 bombing your great work

EricFreeman responds:

haters gonna hate

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