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Game Jam 5

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - June 5th, 2011

Got a good team,

Fortunacus: Programmer

PinkSkull: Artist

Me: Voice Actor

we're gonna win! :3


You guys make fun games, but make the medals a little harder.

They're all too easy to earn.

Well thanks anyway! :D

I hope you'll win! I bet OVER 40,000 Forint* (the kind of money used in hungary) on your team! GOOD LUCK!

*All of my money I got. Naah, just joking!

;D Got a supporter

No,me,krutches and damn i forgot the programmers nickname again are gonna win!

May the best man win!

wait... I plan to!

you and PinkSkull is enough of a reason for my vote!
(No offense Fortunacus, I never met you before)

He's the programmer for the 2 Bieber Games :)

Good luck, you don't have haters plaging you wherever you go

Still have them :/

Banglawhore still has the haters. Like how you try to get famous by piggybacking a ride off of someone by doing gay voice acting.

You're still alive?

forgot about you

Gotta <3 the way Ishkabibbles cleverly thought out his comment!

Banglawhore? seriously well thought out! I love the way "whore" and "boy" rhyme!
Much better than "Bang-boy96"!

It's amazing how he knows so well that I try to get famous! Because everyone reaches a one way ticket to HollyWood by Newgrounds.com

Piggyback riding? Yuurrr I <3 to ride! He was looking for some "Gay" voice acting so I provided him with some! that's why everyone Hated it and he called me back for a 2nd time!

And users with me in their "Hated" authors list increased to 54.

Bravo Tycrane! you're a talentless hack

Also for the voice acting, he was ASKED to do do it.

Exactly, and last time I checked you got nothing to prove you can do any better than us, get a job please... I beg you

Here's a bet, if you win like you say you will, I'll delete this account and never bother you ever again. But if you don't win then I'm going to continue giving you honest reviews.

Tbh, I don't mind the bother, but what's the harm in accepting.

As long as there is one extra rule.

I can't vote 5, and you can't vote 0

:l I don't go on for a month or two and I miss all of your new projects, Best of luck on the Game Jam but as much as I enjoy playing your stuff, You could use some improvement on the Art aspect of your flashes. Have you ever thought of hiring one?

They're hard to hire without penny pinching for money :/