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BanglaBoy96's News

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - June 23rd, 2010

Communists are Invading U.S.A!!! only Barack Obama and George Bush
can save it from Equal Destruction!!

Obama Plz Save US

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - June 21st, 2010

I have made 2 games in a Week!!!
Here's a Pic Of the Plop I created!
His name is MegaPlop!!!!

Oh Ya! I forgot to say. for those Button Game Fans
Button Game Tales will be up and running before
Yay!!! and thank you Kabir! (the guy fixing my Computer)


Posted by BanglaBoy96 - June 10th, 2010

My 1st solo Flash is up on the Net Now!!!
Plz vote 5!!!!!
New Game Called 1st Depression coming out SOON!!!
Play it (When it comes out)
: It's Almost done I'm on the Last Boss!!!
Pray for Me It'll be out for Today
:It''s Out and so is Pickilow 4-6
New game coming soon (Cacti Khaki)
It's Pixely Mikeys9607 Will Like It

My 1st Solo Flash!!!

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - May 7th, 2010

Button Game 1
1: Top left saza
2: 2nd Duairt (Hidden abit)
3:Last Prv Crappy (Green hat)
4:Lotto No. 09 11 23 32 07 07
5: Red Square up in the corner
6:Click his hair
7: 1=2 2= green robo 3=6
8: 2c
9: Near the Top Left (Kinda)
10: Near the Bottom

Button game 2
1: Click the lollipops
2:Click on Stuart
3: Big Red Square
4: Click his wart!!!
5: 1: Near the top left, bottom middle, top right, bottom left
6: Click his but!!!
7: Click on the children
8: Click on Donkey Kong
9: Click the Children
10: 1=House of pain 2= the ???'s on the top, 3=saza 4=Banglaboy96 5=Roll over Q5
11: Top of white part
12: Yes in the Q number
13: Near Q no.
14: Roll over the Question (Not the Q Number)
15: Near the top Left!!

1:Take him out within 10secs (Must be Skilled)
2: Click on Mr. Tayto man
3: Click on his Stache
4: Kill the Zombies (Must be Skilled)
5: Click on the Money
6: Clean up the waste
7: Click on the Pencil
8: Top-right corner (Lil Brown thing)
9: Click anywere (This takes NO SKILL)
10: Stalin
11: Start with Bottom left then bottom right, the Top left then top right
12: Under the Letters "DE"
13: Small inner circle on top right corner
14: Top Left BDD
15: Just click on him
16: Click on the Beer (Click the sign to begin)
17: Click 3 children
18: Click 2 Children
19: Click him 2x Times
20: Botton Right
21: Top Left
22: Near the middle
23:??? Forget!! Sorry!!!
24:Bottom Right
25: Inside Q25 Number

Button Game 4
1: Click Saza (Then press the button which says "I have an Idea")
2: Click on V of doom till he pops the bubblegum
3:Click the cheese cake
4: Click the NO Button
5: Click on Zombie Daniello, regular daniello, Then press the red button on EARNATRON
6: Click on Puca
7: Slap the hands away from the Silver Thumb
8: Botton right Corner (Duairts Head)
9: Cut the Meat
10: Q number, Above the word "what", Click on Boger
11: Click on Pot, window, table, Satan Portrait
12: Hop over the people by clicking on the motorbike.
13: Last bit of Freddie's Health he's in the Door!!!
14: The car reg, The Bird
15: Click on Cereal
17: Click on Pa
18: Click on Left window of Duairt's house
19: Top left corner
20: Click on the Dots
21: Read the Instructions
22: Click on Sebass
23: Click on Puca
24: Click on his Mouth
25: Press the left arrow key!!!
26: Don't press space (Then press it after)
27: Click BDD
28: Under Question Number
29: Botton (Hidden)
30: Bottom right corner


Posted by BanglaBoy96 - March 25th, 2010

My computer is gone all WILLY WONKA!

Now I lost all my Flashes including Button Game Tales

which was 55% completed
Now I'll Start to Cry
(R.I.P Computer 2005-2010)

RIP Computer, I'll miss you!

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - March 15th, 2010

Soon. Just wait! Your computer game will be out soon.
PS. You'll want to start saving up your computer time as it will take you an hour to complete. In other news Mikeys9607 has put the button games on his website:
You can play them there too.

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - February 28th, 2010

There are 5 Chapters in it.
We have 3 completed.
I'm not giving out any screenshots.

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - February 20th, 2010

It's coming soon! The most awesome game EVAR!!!!!
You'll pee sweat, you'll sweat pee, your arm will be in so much pain, you'll get it amputated! This game is so hard, too! Get ready.

Button Game: TALES

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - January 22nd, 2010

Oooh fancy! Different SEASONS!

Button game: SEASONS

Posted by BanglaBoy96 - January 10th, 2010

I'm A happy Duckling!!!
I'm on LV.5!!!
By the way I have A Question for anyone who reads this...

Leave a comment telling me why???

Happy Duckling